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QuestionI got dumped, around two months prior, after dating for over year. We're still on talking terms, like catch up once in a while etc. But off late, he's been acting more and more friendly. Texting talking everyday. Interaction is always initiated by him. How do I tactfully get the point across that he's only a friend, and not a super close one at that too? Also, I get a nagging feeling that he talks to me when he's bored and has nothing better to do. I have no interest in getting back with him. Answer

Listen, he already knows he’s just your friend. He dumped you, remember? He’s hitting you up out of boredom - be it for the ego boost or (in his mind) to keep you on some kind of emotional leash in case he ever wants to pursue things with you again.

If you’re only interested in maintaining a “catch up every once and a while” kind of relationship with him, I don’t see what you’d be losing by cutting him out entirely. You can ignore him, but that reinforces what you consider bad behavior.

Personally, I’d just tell him to fuck off.

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